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Financial ratios to help market analysts understand
the strategies, profitability, strengths and weaknesses of banks.

We make financial statements talk

We applied the DuPont method to financial statements of banks so that you can spot their strategies, profitabilities, strengths and weakenesses. The key value drivers of businesses are exposed to the ones who know how to read the numbers.

Features: Our Value Proposition

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Based on the Dupont Method

classic method of financial ratios analysis that stresses the identification of key value drivers of business

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Allows for Benchmarking

financial statement ratios can be used to benchmark banks with their peers

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Monthly Financial Ratios on Banks/Conglomerates

on the MarketViz, BankViz and CongloViz pages page we show off the numbers of the market and bank/conglomerate for you

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Takes Comprehensive Income into Account

equity charges due to available for sale securities mark to market adjustments are add up to net income to reveal the true periodic profitability

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Monthly Banks/Conglomerates Ranking

from Comprehensive Return on Equity (CROE), we build a bank/conglomerate ranking


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